auto accident attorneys | Parked car accidents

Steps to Take After Hitting a Parked Car

If you hit a parked car, you are not alone. In fact, most hit-and-runs involve a parked car and a good amount of accidents occur in parking lots. And while technically getting into an accident is not a crime, leaving the accident is the crime…

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lawyers for dog bite attacks | One Law Group

Dog Bite Attorneys in Beverly Hills

A dog owner has to make sure that their dog doesn’t bite or attack anyone. They are responsible for preventing dog bite injuries and need to make sure their pets are properly trained and socialized.

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Helping your auto accident case | One Law Group

How can a Beverly Hills Auto Accident Injury Attorney Help your Auto Accident Case?

Getting a car accident lawyer after being in an accident that wasn’t your fault isn’t necessary. Though, finding one can help you eliminate any liability (just in case), get fast compensation, and deal with other legal matters…

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Crosswalk button | One Law Group

Can Pedestrians be At-fault for a Car Accident?

In many pedestrian accidents, the driver is usually found to be at fault. Drivers often don’t pay attention in areas where there is heavy pedestrian traffic and are sometimes speeding…

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bumper to bumper traffic | One Law Group

What to do in Multi-Car Accidents

There are some car accident cases that are simple and only two vehicles are involved, and liability is obvious. However, if there are more than two vehicles involved, the claim is usually a lot more complicated. In these cases…

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Witness reports to police officer after car accident | One Law Group

The Importance of Witnesses After a Car Accident

When a car crash occurs, there are often people who witnessed what happened. Often, they saw things the drivers may not have been aware of and these details can either help or hurt a driver’s claim for compensation…

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Rollover auto accident | One Law Group

Common Causes of Rollover Crashes

Every car accident is dangerous and terrifying, but it’s hard to imagine being in an accident more terrifying than a rollover accident. Rollover crashes are some of the deadliest traffic accidents…

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speeding driving who might get in a auto accident | One Law Group

Building a Case Against a Speeding Driver

Speeding is a common cause of car accidents and it is also hard to prove that the other driver was going over the speed limit. More than likely, the driver or their insurance may deny it…

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Woman Sprains Ankle at work | One Law Group

Should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

There are certain situations that may require you to call a personal injury attorney. After an injury, whether it’s from a car accident or a slip and fall at work, many people wonder if they really need to reach out for help…

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