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Are you suffering from a dog bite? The Beverly Hills dog bite lawyers at One Law Group can help you claim compensation.

You may deserve payment for financial losses and suffering. Claiming your compensation can be a difficult task – but we can help. Our law firm represents victims through the entire claims process.

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Dog Bite Lawyer Near Me

If you have been hurt, One Law Group can represent you. One Law Group aims to be the dog bite lawyer near me that works for the best result for each client. By representing victims, we make the community a safer place.

Our goal is to be the law firm that represents victims when they need us the most. We represent dog bite victims in pursuing all avenues for them to receive the best possible outcome for their case.

We have one goal – getting results for you. When you need experienced dog bite injury representation, call us at (844) 626-1529 to discuss your case.

Lawyers for Dog Bite Cases

We are lawyers for dog bite cases. Victims of dog bites should not have to bear the financial burden of what has happened. If you have medical bills, and if you cannot work because of your injuries, it should be the dog owner who pays these costs, usually through an insurance policy. Pain and suffering should be recognized with compensation as well.

As lawyers for dog bite cases, we fight on behalf of victims. We represent the injured person and work to claim fair compensation for their damages. When you need a lawyer for a dog bite case in Beverly Hills, and throughout Los Angeles County, One Law Group is the law firm that you can count on.

Dog Bite Compensation

When we meet with dog bite victims in Beverly Hills, they often want to know how much their case is worth. How much money you will get depends on several factors. They may include:

  • Cost of medical care
  • The physical pain associated with your injuries
  • Scars and disfigurement
  • Permanent loss of limb or function
  • Emotional injuries, anxiety, and fear
  • How the owner failed to control their animal and other important facts
  • Any mitigating factors like trespassing or provoking the dog

Dog bites are often severe. You may have long-term injuries. Significant medical care may be required. Victims may be surprised to learn how much their case may be worth and the dog bite compensation they may receive.

Owners often have property and liability insurance to satisfy a settlement or judgment. California laws protect dog bite victims, giving the state the most significant number of annual claims in the United States (Insurance Information Institute).

Dog Bite Lawyers Who Are Not Afraid to Go to Trial

It is not enough for our lawyers to ask the insurance company for a quick settlement. We are dog-bite lawyers who are not afraid to go to trial. One Law Group litigates cases. We thoroughly prepare your claim to present in court.

Do not expect us to ask you to accept a settlement that is too low. Our experienced litigators take pride in not being afraid to go to trial. When we represent you, we fully use our expertise to achieve real results for you.

Legal Representation in Dog Bite Claims

In a dog bite claim, our legal representation includes:

  • Consultation and evaluation of your claim
  • Documenting physical injury and medical care needs
  • Valuing all types of damages, including non-economic damages like pain and suffering
  • Exploring legal fault and insurance policies that may pay damages
  • Preparing and filing legal documents, following civil procedure to bring the case
  • Going to trial, attending all court hearings
  • Finalizing your judgment and collecting your compensation

Our team can represent you in all aspects of your case. Call (844) 626-1529 to begin your case today.

Choosing the Best Dog Bite Lawyers for You

One Law Group is a team of professionals dedicated to representing victims, including dog bite victims. Some reasons people choose our team are:

  • Millions recovered for victims. We will put the same skills, techniques, and dedication to work for you
  • Communication is key to our hands-on approach. Know your legal team personally, and work closely with us without the stress of handling the legal system on your own
  • Inclusion on the Los Angeles Magazine Super Lawyers list for seven years in a row (2015-2022)
  • Founder Emanuel J. Abrishami is a Juris Doctorate and Master of Business Administration, giving him an in-depth perspective to pursue everything necessary to make your case a success
  • By lecturing at Pepperdine University School of Law and speaking as a legal correspondent on KABC radio, Emanuel Abrishami shows his commitment to the community

Our Beverly Hills dog bite lawyers know that hiring representation is a big decision. We are committed to helping you on an individual level throughout your case.

Taking New Cases – Consultations Available

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