Most Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries

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When people think about workers’ compensation, they think only about severe injuries in physically demanding jobs. However, people who work in all fields and a range of business activities can experience serious injuries. If you are inflicted with a work-related injury, you need to talk to a personal injury attorney. 

Overexertion is when a person strains or pulls a muscle, injures a joint, or even slips a disc. It is usually caused by when someone overextends to lift, pull, push, or turn an item. These are more common in work environments that require a lot of physical labor, such as construction sites, factories, or in the medical field. Though, they do occur in offices or at restaurants.

Slip and falls happen on any surface, from wet surfaces indoors, tripping on loose carpet or tiles, or slipping in the rain outside. Slip, and falls can cause several injuries, from sprains and breaks to even traumatic brain injuries. These accidents are considered a worker’s compensation a fall occurs during a work task or within the workplace environment.

Repetitive strain injuries can occur from making the same motion repeatedly. These Injuries like carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and bursitis can all occur from workplace tasks. These are harder to prove for workers comp because these conditions develop over the years. Though, if you report the symptoms as soon as they begin and can prove you got them from workplace tasks, you may be able to make a legitimate case.

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