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Highly Recommend

The One Law Group represented me on a vehicular accident in downtown LA where I was clearly not at fault. The other driver hit me as I was driving straight and had the audacity to blame the accident on me. I had sustained injuries as a result of the accident and Emmanuel was not only able to prove that the other driver was at fault but also make me whole for the damage and injuries that resulted because of the accident. I highly recommend One Law Group for any of your legal needs.

David M.

He Got Me A Great Result

I was in a Lyft accident and glad that I chose the One Law Group. When I was looking for an attorney, I picked them over many other lawyers who I was talking to because my friend had used them before and said a lot of great things about this law firm. Their lead attorney, Emanuel, made me feel much more comfortable throughout the process of dealing with my accident and what impressed me the most was that he got me a great result on my settlement! Thank you for everything Emanuel!!

Joanne G.

Elegant, poised, Knowledgable

Mr. Abrishami is emotionally elegant, poised, knowledgeable, organized and highly professional. He is everything you would want in an attorney.

Sharen S.

10 Out Of 10

I give the highest mark of 10 out of 10 for the way my case was handled by the One Law Group’s leader, Emanuel Abrishami. I was tremendously impressed me by his negotiating skills with the insurance company as well as the updates and communication provided to me during the process. I believe in the quality of Emanuel’s work and in my opinion he and his team went over and beyond finding ways to deal with the insurance company’s negativity toward providing an adequate settlement. I am therefore extremely pleased with the One Law Group and l highly recommend them to all my family and friends.

Anthony N.

Very Professional And Responsive

Very professional and responsive team. I appreciate the work they put into my issue.

Aron Burt

More Helpful than I Could’ve Imagined

Very dedicated attorney who was more helpful than I could’ve imagined.

Elliott D.

A True Professional!!!

One Law Group and Emanuel J. Abrishami, Esq. Is a true professional!! 5 stars aren’t enough to justify the service and dedication he has provided for my family and I. About one and a half years ago I was hit by an unlicensed driver while on my way to work. I quickly began to suffer from severe pain from the injuries sustained during the accident on my arm, shoulder, back and head. After doing some research online I quickly realized that I would need help from an experienced and strong attorney since my claim would involve an unlicensed driver. I searched my local area for attorneys and found a very disappointing trend most other attorneys have voice message answering systems which I am sure are used to screen calls. I was extremely blessed that upon dialing Mr. Abrishami’s One Law Firm he answered the phone and quickly made me feel more confident about the situation. The next year involved very difficult battles with the unlicensed driver and the vehicle owners insurance, that included long back and forth conversations, uncooperative insurance companies and, tons of bureaucracy and finally a meeting. Mr. Abrishami, performed in an exemplarily manner taking tough obstacle head on. We were ultimately successful beyond my expectations and Mr. Abrishami was able to have all my medical bills paid and recovered a substantial amount of compensation for my pain and suffering. Although I hope never to have the need for Mr. Abrishami’s services in the future, but I am certainly more confident that if I do I will have the best attorney for the task. Thank You Emanuel!

Cali Elite B.

Exceeded My Expectations

Emanual Abrishami and his team at The One Law Group were amazing to work with. They were professional, accommodating and best of all effective. They were straight forward, fought hard and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the One Law Group to anyone.

Sam K.

Did An Amazing Job Fighting For Me

One law Group did a great job settling my case. Emanuel Abrishami did an amazing job fighting for me when my insurance company wouldn’t help.the staff at one law Group are friendly and amazing especially nidia she went out of her way to make sure I was getting taken care of. I will definitely recommend one law Group to my friends and family.

Jorge T.

I Felt Confident

Thank you to the One Law Group for working with me when I needed it. Dealing with an injury is always a sensitive issue, but I was relieved by my experience and the professionalism of the One Law Group. My calls were always responded to promptly and I felt confident in the team to handle my issue. Thanks again.

Mike M.

Highest Degree Of Integrity

Emanuel Abrishami did an amazing job in settling my case.  My injury was from a sudden and hard fall on a recently mopped floor with no CAUTION postings to alert me of this.  I injured my back which required a rather involved medical procedure.

He worked diligently, kept me informed and really cared about my injury; that I received all the necessary medical attention I required.  He also made sure that I received a very fair and substantial settlement.

I would recommend Emanuel highly to anyone who has need of a professional, articulate and an attorney that possesses the highest degree of integrity.

I want to thank him and his staff for the tireless and thorough work they did on my behalf.

Rebecca V.

Very Dear To My Family’s Heart

I am delighted to write on behalf of Emanuel Abrishami. Six years ago, my mother introduced me to Emanuel. He then took my mother’s case concerning my father’s death. Something that I’ve noticed about Emanuel is that he has significant qualities. I can state with confidence that he is a motivated, responsible, lawyer with a high degree of integrity. Emanuel is an intelligent lawyer, who has much respect for others and was wise in handling my mother’s case. I was surprised when he flew from Los Angeles to Stockton, California to meet my mother and I. He is very dear to my family’s heart. I keep in touch with him and I call him for advice. I expect that Emanuel will be a fine lawyer for anyone that would require him.

George R.

Honest And Knowledgeable

Emanuel is a great attorney, honest and knowledgeable and more importantly available when you need him on your side.

Amir A.

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