Protecting Your Teen from a Car Crash

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Protecting Your Teen from a Car Crash

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers between 16-19. Recent studies have shown that over 300,000 teens go to the emergency room because of a car crash. Safety training and rules from parents can help prevent these tragic accidents. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help protect your teen from a fatal car crash.

Educate Your Child About Speeding

Many teens speed because it seems they are always in a hurry and want to experience the open road’s freedom. However, excessive speeding caused roughly 30% of teen car crash fatalities. Speeding significantly increases the damage in a car crash. The higher a vehicle’s speed, the less time the driver must react to oncoming hazards. So, before they go out, make sure you let them know speeding accidents are not only deadly but common.

Do Not Let Your Child Drive a Night

Most car accidents occur at night, and they are 40% more fatal than car accidents during the day. While teens do need to have some experience driving at night to earn their license, they should not be out driving in the late hours of the night. At night, driving is riskier because of low visibility and increased dangers from speeding and drunk drivers.

Of course, your teen is not automatically going to make bad decisions while driving at night, but they are inexperienced and have a higher chance of being in an accident. Encourage your teen to drive with you earlier in the night to build their confidence and allow you to point out hazards as they come.

Offer to Help Your Teen Avoid a DUI

Teenagers are going to drink, there is no denying that, and if you suspect your teen has been drinking, you need to let them know that you are there for them when they need a ride. While they may not agree to it, remind them that it is better to be dropped off by mommy or daddy than to get pulled over for a DUI or getting in a car crash. Of course, as a parent, you wish for them is not to drink at all, but the key is to ensure your teen’s safety. Giving them the education and support they need to drive safely will help them in the long run.

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