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Car Accident Lawyers in Beverly Hills

Are you looking for the best car accident lawyer for your case? We help people who are hurt in car accidents. Our law firm focuses on representing victims in Beverly Hills and throughout Los Angeles County.

With a hands-on approach, we put our expertise to work for you. It is not our goal to get a quick settlement. We are trial lawyers. Having our representation means having a team that does not quit until you have justice for your car accident claim.

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Examples of Car Accident Fault

Car accident compensation is based on fault. To recover financially, the victim shows how another party caused or contributed to the accident. Examples of causes that may be the basis for compensation are:

  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Operating under the influence of drugs
  • Road rage
  • An employer hiring an unqualified commercial driver
  • Failing to watch for pedestrians or bicyclists
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Improper lane changes
  • Poorly secured load/Trailer sway
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Impeding/Obstructing traffic
  • Traffic light and stop sign violations
  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle manufacturer/design defect

A car accident’s cause may be known immediately when the crash happens. There may also be underlying causes that are not obvious. Multiple things may have contributed to the events that occurred.

As your lawyers, we investigate the causes of the accident. An accident report is a good starting place, but it is just the beginning. Our law firm begins your case with an investigation to determine how the accident occurred. Then, we build your claim for compensation.

Car Accident Lawyers Near You

We invite you to learn more about One Law Group when you are looking for a car accident lawyer. We represent car accident victims, including:

  • Drivers
  • Passengers
  • Adults and children
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicyclists

If you are looking for car accident lawyers to represent you, we want to help you. Being the victim of a car accident can be frustrating. You are suffering from injuries knowing that the accident could have been prevented. We want to help you seek justice.

How Can I Get Compensation for a Car Accident in Beverly Hills?

You may be wondering – Can I get compensation after a car accident? How do I bring a case? At One Law Group, we are a full-service law firm. We aim to handle the burden of the legal system for you.

California car accident laws apply in Beverly Hills. The state uses a fault system – In other words, the person or party who causes the accident pays for the damages. A victim should not have to suffer from the accident and bear the financial losses, too. Pain and suffering is an important part of compensation, too.

Drivers in California are required to have minimum amounts of insurance. These insurance policies are available to pay damages in the event of an accident. Our lawyers can explore all options for you to receive compensation.

Beverly Hills Car Accident Lawyers Who Are Not Afraid to Go to Trial

A car accident case is not won when a person gets a small settlement. Their compensation should accurately reflect their losses and suffering. Medical bills should be covered. Lost income and missed career opportunities should be recognized. Pain and suffering, and emotional anguish should be included.

Getting results in the legal system takes working until you have justice. At One Law Group, we are car accident lawyers who are not afraid to go to trial. Our founder, Emanuel J. Abrishami, made his first court appearance less than one week into his legal career. He has been litigating cases ever since.

When you need results, you need trial lawyers. That is One Law Group. Each case is carefully prepared with a unique legal strategy that is best for that case. With experience in the courtroom, our objective is to take cases to trial and win. Ultimately, we have one focus – results for you.

Skilled Accident Lawyers for Your Case

Are you looking for the best accident lawyers for your car accident case? Here are some reasons that people choose our Beverly Hills lawyers:

  • Millions of dollars won for our clients. We promise to put the same techniques, experience, and determination to work in your case
  • Focus on results and the maximum compensation for each client. That means going to trial and pursuing your case in the courtroom
  • Hands-on representation that means communication with you at all stages of the case. That means getting to know you, working with you to understand your goals, and ensuring that you understand all the proceedings
  • Recognition from Los Angeles Magazine on the list of Super Lawyers for seven years in a row, from 2015-2022
  • Spanish-speaking team members are always available
  • Leadership from our founder, Emanuel J. Abrishami, who has a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University in addition to his Juris Doctorate degree
  • Community leadership initiatives like lending expert legal analysis to local radio and serving as a mentor to law students. This service in leadership is part of the mission of One Law Group – making the community a better place through legal advocacy
  • Expertise and experience in car accident claims by focusing on cases that matter to victims

One Law Group can handle all aspects of your claim. People choose our Beverly Hills lawyers when they want good results for their car accident claims.

How can a car accident lawyer help me?

There are many ways that we work towards the best outcome for your car accident case. Some of the ways our car accident lawyers assist you are:

  • Determining how the accident occurred and quickly preserving evidence
  • Addressing questions of comparative negligence. In a state using pure comparative negligence, responding to allegations of wrongdoing may be extremely important to success
  • Finding and examining insurance policies to determine coverage
  • Preparing and filing legal documents, complying with rules of civil procedure
  • Knowing what your case is worth and how to claim all your damages
  • Moving the case through the legal system quickly
  • Helping you understand options and decisions as the case proceeds
  • Speaking for you and representing you in all court proceedings
  • Presenting your case at trial
  • Talking to the insurance company so that you do not have to
  • Serving as your advocate and guide throughout the case

A car accident is a significant disruption to your life – it may be completely life-changing. One Law Group is ready to represent you when you need expert legal representation.

Taking New Cases — Request a Consultation

Choosing a car accident lawyer is a big decision. Our Beverly Hills law firm does not just take on cases. We represent people and families. We are committed to helping you on an individual level with the goal of you receiving real, fair results for your case.

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