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The lawyers at One Law Group practice workers’ compensation law. If you have been injured on the job, work with our Beverly Hills workers’ compensation lawyers to bring your claim.

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When you are injured at work, what you do next is important. You may deserve a range of benefits – but you must take the proper steps to claim them. You may face frustrating denials and roadblocks from the insurance company. You may wonder how to pursue your rights.

At One Law Group, we are here when you need a workers’ compensation lawyer. A victim of a work accident should not have to suffer without access to the benefits they deserve.

We pride ourselves on getting results for our clients. Our approach is to litigate cases. Do not expect us to ask you to accept a settlement that is less than you deserve. Let us fully pursue your case through hearings, trial, and appeals until you have justice.

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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Serving Beverly Hills

You went to work expecting it to be a normal day. Then, you were hurt on the job. It may have happened in a matter of seconds.

The employer has an insurance company with a team of attorneys representing them. When you have a workers’ compensation lawyer on your side, you know that your claim is being handled properly.

One Law Group represents injured workers in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles County. We want to be your go-to lawyers when you need help after a work injury.

Let us help you with:

  • Filing your claim for benefits
  • Making sure your injuries are reported correctly
  • Determining if you are being paid the right benefits and the right amounts
  • Challenging unfair or unfavorable decisions
  • Gathering your medical evidence and second opinions
  • Appearing in court and at hearings; representing you at all stages
  • Guiding you and providing counsel throughout the case

We are full-service lawyers handling workers’ compensation/workman’s comp claims in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas.

Start your case today by calling (844) 626-1529 or send us a message to connect with our team. Spanish-speaking team members are always available.

Worker’s Compensation Meaning

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation provides benefits for people who are injured on the job. It also covers occupational illness and disease that results from exposure at work.

Unlike traditional negligence/personal injury claims, the injured person does not have to prove negligence or legal fault to receive benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Claim FAQs

How does workers’ compensation work?

When someone gets hurt at work, they make an injury report and get medical treatment. The employee applies for benefits. The employer’s insurance company receives the claim. They provide the worker with paid medical care and replacement income if they agree that the claim is covered.

What is covered by workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation may cover any of the following benefits:

  • Medical care
  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits
  • Supplemental job displacement (job retraining or skill enhancement)
  • Return to work supplements
  • Death benefits

Your employer should pay for medical care until you reach maximum medical improvement for your injuries.

Who is eligible for workers’ compensation?

Employees are generally eligible for workers’ compensation. There are exceptions – independent contractors are not eligible. Deliberate misconduct may also be excluded.

How long does a workers’ compensation claim take?

Our lawyers are willing to pursue your case as long as it takes. It is our goal to get results for you, knowing that you need your benefits as quickly as possible.

How do you get a workman’s comp settlement?

A stipulation and award or compromise and release are two ways that you might reach a settlement in a workers’ compensation case. With an agreement, you may receive medical care, a series of payments, or a single lump-sum payment. Our lawyers can help you understand if a settlement is in your best interests or if you should pursue hearings and appeals.

Finding Top Legal Representation for a Workplace Injury

When you need top legal representation for a workplace injury, we invite you to learn more about One Law Group and our services for injured workers. We want to help you pursue your rights in the best way possible for your situation.

Some highlights and accomplishments of our law firm are:

  • Millions of dollars recovered for our clients
  • A focus on litigation – you will not hear us pressure you into a settlement you do not want. We are expert and experienced trial lawyers, ready for the hearing process at all stages
  • Legal practice to the highest standards of ethics and integrity
  • Our founder, Emanuel J. Abrishami, has been named to the Los Angeles Magazine Super Lawyers list for the last seven years (2015-2022)
  • Attorney Emanuel J. Abrishami has both a Juris Doctorate and a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University. Having both degrees gives him extra training and perspective to develop the best legal strategy for each client
  • Commitment to the community, including as a guest speaker at Pepperdine University School of Law and as a legal correspondent on KABC radio. By helping workers receive the benefits that they deserve, we help protect our community and make it a better place.

Each person receives a personalized case strategy. There are important procedures in workers’ compensation cases that must be followed. We understand the process and help you recover your benefits without external stress while you recover from your injuries.

Taking New Cases – Consultations Available

The One Law Group Beverly Hills workers’ compensation lawyers are taking new cases today. Consultations are available so you can learn more about your case and how we can help.

Do not suffer without your compensation. Call us at (844) 626-1529 or send us a message today! We can start your case today.

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