Dangers of Truck Underride Accidents in California

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Truck underride crashes will almost always result in death or serious injuries. The federal government is behind the curve in enacting regulations to prevent many of these accidents and enforcing the regulations already on the books. The result is that passenger car drivers are at risk because trucks do not always have the necessary functioning safety equipment.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries from an underride crash in California, the Beverly Hills truck accident attorneys at the One Law Group will fight for you to receive full financial compensation for the truck accident.

Truck Underride Crashes Are Always Serious

Truck underride accidents are when a passenger car collides with the tractor-trailer and ends up underneath the truck. These accidents are extremely dangerous because the truck can shear off the top of the car. Although these accidents are relatively rare, they can be very deadly. According to the Government Accountability Office, over 200 people are killed yearly in truck underride accidents.

There are two types of truck underride crashes:

  • Rear truck underride accidents, when a truck stops short in front of a car, and the car ends up under the truck
  • Side underride crashes, when a truck driver sideswipes a car and ends up on top of the passenger vehicle

There May Still Be Injuries When a Truck Has Underride Guards

The federal government first began to require rear truck underride guards in 1998. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration recently tightened the rules to mandate that the safety guards withstand an impact of at least 35 miles per hour.

There are several potential problems with trucks that still pose dangers:

  • Not every truck has side underride guards because trucking companies do not want to spend the money on this critical piece of safety equipment (there was a bill in the last Congress to require side underride guards that did not pass).
  • Some of the rear underride guards that have already been installed on trucks are aging, and they may be unable to withstand a crash.

The government recommends that trucks have side underride protection, but it is not legally required. As a result, many trucks in the United States lack these crucial safety devices.

Causes of Truck Underride Accidents

Here are some of the causes of truck underride accidents:

  • The truck’s lights are not working as they should, and the car does not see that the truck has stopped in front of them.
  • Inclement weather conditions prevent the car from stopping in time to avoid a crash.
  • The truck driver does not check into their blind spot before they change lanes.
  • The underride guards are defective or do not work as intended.
  • The truck driver brakes suddenly in front of the driver.
  • The truck driver has carelessly parked their truck in a place where the driver may crash.

Even if the driver rear-ends the truck driver, the trucking company may still be liable for the driver’s injuries. If the driver ended up under the truck, the rear underride guard did not work as it was supposed to, and the trucking company may not have properly followed federal regulations.

Truck Underride Accidents Will Cause Serious Injuries and Death

Underride truck accidents are often fatal. Drivers suffer horrific injuries instantly because the top of their car is sheared off or collapses. Even if the driver survives the accident, they will suffer severe injuries.

Because of the nature of underride accidents, the most common injuries are to the head and neck. Many drivers and their passengers who die from underride accidents are decapitated. Accident victims may die on the spot or very shortly after the crash. Those that survive may suffer traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Chances are that you are reading this after your loved one was killed or severely injured in an underride accident. Your family may be entitled to significant financial compensation in a truck accident lawsuit.

If your loved one was involved in a rear-impact underride crash, you have a strong chance of receiving some type of financial compensation, even if your loved one failed to stop in time to avoid the crash because of the federal rules requiring functioning rear underride guards. If your loved one suffered an injury in a side underride crash (where guards are not required), you would need to prove that the truck driver was at fault for the collision.

The compensation for an underride accident can be considerable. It is crucial to hire an experienced truck accident attorney who can fight for every dollar that you and your family deserve in a lawsuit.

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Truck Accident Case FAQs

Can my family file a lawsuit if a loved one was killed in a truck accident?

Yes. California law allows family members to file a wrongful death lawsuit when a loved one was wrongfully killed by someone else’s actions.

Can I sue the trucking company for the driver’s actions?

Practically all truck accident cases are filed against the trucking company because they are responsible for their drivers’ actions.

Do I need a lawyer for a truck accident case?

With the amount of potential compensation your family may receive, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you try to handle your case without an attorney.

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