What You Shouldn’t do After an Auto Accident

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In the modern world, driving a car is the most convenient way to get to where we need to go. Whether you are driving to work or school or visiting family who live on the other side of time, you’re more than likely using your car every day. Unfortunately, this is true for a lot of people and this increases the chances of you getting into an auto accident. Luckily, most are minor, but occasionally, an accident is severe and causes serious injuries to drivers and passengers.

Most people know that there are some things your need to do after an accident, like calling the police and getting the contact information from the other driver. If you were hurt in an accident, the at-fault driver should be the one to pay for your medical bills, fixing your car, and other damages. There are things you should not do when you want to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Do Not Trust the Other Driver to Pay for Damages

Often the driver liable for the crash wants to avoid contacting the police or they may be afraid of getting a ticket. Whatever the reason is, they will more than likely tell you that they will pay for your damages without involving the insurance company. All too often, this agreement does not work out. Many people end up with little proof that the crash even happened and low compensation for their injuries. It’s best to call the police and file a police report at the time of the incident.

Don’t Wait to Seek Medical Care

Accidents can be traumatic, and in the middle of all that you may not know you have a serious injury right away. Many people think their injuries are minor and that they’ll feel better later. Oftentimes, injuries caused by car accidents worsen rather than improve. The best thing you can do is get checked out by a medical professional. It is also important to visit the doctor following a crash so that you have evidence your injuries were caused by the accident.

Do Not Apologize for Anything

It’s common for someone to get out of the car and immediately sorry. While you may in fact be sorry for the situation, the other driver’s insurance company may take this small remark as proof that you’re admitting guilt. You don’t want them to think that you think you caused the accident. It’s OK to check on how other people in the other car are doing without saying sorry. Remember, that small apology can end up costing you thousands if it ends up you need to recover from your injuries.

Don’t Talk to the Insurance Company

When it comes to handling car accident cases, an insurance company has an assigned adjuster to talk to drivers and get statements. These insurance companies are doing this so that they pay out as little as possible or nothing at all. They often try to minimize the severity of your injuries and blame you for the accident or deny the claim entirely. The best thing you can do is get the guidance of an experienced Beverly Hills auto accident attorney before making any type of statement to an insurance company.

Don’t Accept Low Settlement Amounts

Following an accident, insurance companies usually try to be quick about offering you a settlement. While it may seem like they are trying to be efficient, they are usually aware that you may need money to pay for bills and they try to take advantage of your situation. Unfortunately, they often give people an offer that is too low. Do not accept any check and get advice from our Beverly Hills attorneys about what would be a fair settlement that can adequately cover the expenses you have from the accident.

If you were recently in an auto accident and have experienced severe injuries that have decreased your quality of life, give One Law Group in Beverly Hills a call today! We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to!

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