Watch Out Pedestrians: You Might Be at a Risk

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Everyone commutes according to their preference; however, every individual is a commuter at some point in the day. People often try to follow traffic signs and signals, but other times maybe or maybe not. Pedestrians must always maintain a safe distance from the vehicles on the road and follow the traffic signs and signals diligently. Despite all the efforts, pedestrian injuries and fatalities have always been high. Do you know 6,205 pedestrians were killed, and an estimated 76,000 pedestrians were injured nationwide in 2019? With the covid-19 outbreak, everyone was affected, resulting in lockdown and state guidelines. Roads had lesser to no traffic as non-essential services were closed. But now people are steadily embracing this new normal!

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 76 percent of deaths happen after dark. The fall and winter months bring darker commuter days for pedestrians, leading to more crashes between cars and pedestrians or bikers. Sometimes, it gets hard for vehicles to see the bikers because of darkness which increases the chances of bike riders being hit by a car from behind. It is essential to be mindful and careful of the traffic on the road.

There are several safety guidelines for pedestrians (walkers, joggers, hikers), bikers, skaters, and others to be mindful of while on the road.

  • Look around for vehicles in all lanes of traffic before crossing
  • It is always suggested to be alert of turning vehicles
  • Cross in a well-lit area whenever possible
  • Always be as far away from any obstacles while on the road
  • Remember there are times when the driver may not see you, but you must be alert and watch your step.

On average, do you know pedestrians were killed in 85 minutes from crashes in 2019? The purpose is not to scare you but to make you aware of your surroundings.

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