Truck Rollover Accidents in California

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The size disparity between a fully-loaded tractor trailer and a passenger car makes the truck an extremely dangerous instrument. It is essential that everything is done correctly by every trucking company employee who comes in contact with the truck, most of all the driver.

Truck rollover accidents are a prime example of a crash that should never happen. If you have suffered an injury in a truck rollover accident, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Call the Beverly Hills truck accident attorneys at the One Law Group to learn more.

Unequal Weight Distributions Cause Rollovers

When a truck weighs up to 80,000 pounds, it is vital that the weight be fully distributed. Trucking companies may either outsource cargo loading or not pay enough attention when performing this vital task. Uneven or shifting weight can cause the truck’s center of gravity to change. As a result, the truck may be more likely to tip over.

Trucking Companies Cut Corners on Maintenance

Another way that the trucking company may try to save money is on maintenance. Although a trucking company must inspect and maintain trucks, putting only roadworthy trucks on the highway, they often do not live up to this obligation. Any one of a number of critical parts on the truck can cause a rollover when they are not in working order.

The following truck parts can cause a rollover when they are not properly maintained:

  • Steering
  • Tires
  • Brakes

Inexperienced or Careless Truck Drivers Can Cause Rollovers

Drivers themselves may be the cause of a truck rollover accident. The trucking company has a legal obligation to hire competent truck drivers and properly train them. These days, trucking companies are putting practically anyone on the road because they simply cannot find enough truck drivers. Then, they are cutting corners by not properly training them.

An inexperienced or incompetent truck driver may cause a rollover accident by over- or understeering. They may also be going too fast for traffic or the road. Finally, the truck driver may have been just plain careless or inattentive.

The road itself may be the cause of the rollover. If the highway is poorly designed or decrepit, the truck may lose its center of gravity. Of course, an experienced truck driver can anticipate and adjust to road conditions.

You Can File a Lawsuit Against the Trucking Company

In nearly all cases, your lawsuit for financial compensation will be filed against the trucking company. When a company employs a worker, they are the ones who are legally responsible for anything that the worker does wrong when they are on the job. The employee’s actions become those of the employer for purposes of personal injury liability.

Therefore, the trucking company may be liable for the negligence of a:

  • Truck driver
  • Cargo loader (regardless of who actually loaded the cargo)
  • Maintenance worker

Other Third Parties You May Sue in a Rollover Accident

If the trucking company has outsourced maintenance or cargo loading, you can sue the third party if their workers were negligent. You can also sue the trucking company under the theory that it negligently hired and supervised third parties. Finally, you can sue another driver on the road if the truck driver lost control because of their negligent or reckless driving. It is crucial to perform a complete investigation to know all potential parties that you may sue to maximize your financial compensation.

At the One Law Group, our lawyers will work for you to obtain financial compensation for your truck accident injuries by:

  • Investigating the truck accident to determine who was responsible for your injuries
  • Gathering evidence that can prove that someone else was liable
  • Obtaining documents and corporate records that can help prove your case
  • Reviewing your specific situation to come up with an estimate for the value of your damages
  • Advising you on the most effective legal strategy to help you obtain financial compensation
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to get the best possible settlement
  • Taking your case all the way to trial if that is necessary to maximize your financial compensation

We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach for your truck accident case. Each situation is different, and no two clients have the same exact needs.

You Need an Attorney with Truck Accident Lawsuit Experience

Truck accident cases are unlike other motor vehicle accident claims. The weight of the truck means that you likely have suffered more significant injuries. Thus, a truck accident claim is possibly worth more money. In addition, you are dealing with a company on the other side of the case. There are more sources of evidence that you will need to prove your case.

These are all things that an experienced truck accident attorney knows how to do on behalf of their clients. Never trust the insurance company to be fair with you. Instead, hire an attorney to fight for your legal rights.

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You should not hire just any lawyer for your truck accident claim. These cases can be far more complex than a car accident, and you need a skilled attorney who has experience in this area. At the One Law Group, we have handled numerous truck accident cases and have gotten results on behalf of our clients.

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Truck Accident Case FAQs

How much is my truck accident lawsuit worth?

Everything depends on the specific nature of your own situation and how you have suffered from your injuries.

Can I get punitive damages against the trucking company?

Although punitive damages are rare, juries have been known to award them when an attorney has obtained evidence of a pattern of trucking company noncompliance with federal regulations.

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