The Truth About Personal Injury Cases

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Ideally, insurance companies provide a helpful service by spreading the risk we all face that we will be in an accident and incur expenses that we could not afford on our own. Insurance is supposed to give people a way to protect themselves against the chance of a significant financial loss. When you are hurt in an accident, the insurance company should pay you a fair settlement in a perfect world. Unfortunately, the reality is often the opposite. Insurance is a business, and its goal is to make a profit. The more premiums they collect and the less they pay in claims, the more money they get to keep. 

An insurance company, even your insurance, is not your friend. They make money by collecting and investing premiums, not by paying out claims. To make matters worse, when you have been hurt by someone else, their insurance company will try its hardest not to pay for your injuries.

The insurance adjuster may even deter you from talking with an attorney. Remember, the insurance industry has spent many years and millions of dollars trying to convince the public that personal injury claims will not help you.

The attorney can evaluate your claim and help you determine if someone else was legally at fault. They’ll also be able to figure out if there is insurance available to help pay for your injuries and keep track of any legal deadlines that must be met for you to be able to file suit on your claim.

The unfortunate reality of dealing with an insurance company is that you should be suspicious of any advice given to you by them, especially the insurance company of the person that caused your injuries. Honestly, you shouldn’t even fully trust the advice provided by your own insurance company, and it would be in your best interest to have an attorney review what they told you. 

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