Taking Photos After Auto Accidents

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A car accident is an extremely frazzling thing to experience. You’re in a state of shock and you can feel your hold body shaking. But, the important thing is that you’re alive and no one got hurt. Though you might be overwhelmed, it’s important that you get the documentation you need to file a claim. Documenting the damage is probably one of the most important things you can do at that moment, especially if later you must have proof of the damage. This is a lot easier to do nowadays because according to the Pew Research Center, around 77% of Americans own a smartphone, which will 100% of the time will have a camera. At One Law Group in Beverly Hills, we understand the importance of photos of the accident scene and property damage. They can put an end to any doubts or disagreements raised by the other driver or their insurance company.

After a car accident, it is important that you take photos of the scene, your injuries, and any property damage. This evidence is imperative to a car accident case because it can support any future legal claims and provide proof of fault and damages. And whether you’re going to request a claim with your insurance or pursue a lawsuit, these photos will be vital when it comes to determining the amount of damages. While pictures of damages are important, capturing evidence of the nearby areas is important as well. The photos should present:

  • An overall view of the accident, with multiple angles.
  • The other driver’s car and the damages it received in the accident, as well as their license plate and insurance card
  • Nearby traffic lights, stop signs, or any other traffic indicators near the accident
  • Weather conditions, especially if it was raining or snowing the day of the accident
  • Objects that were damaged, including signs, trees, fences, guardrails
  • Detail shots of both cars’ damage: broken glass, scratches, bumper, dents
  • Photos of your physical injuries (as well as others injured in the accident) are important as well: bruises, scratches, cuts

Additional information you should obtain:

  • copies of all medical records relating to your treatment after the accident
  • duplicates of property damage estimates and repair records
  • find a copy of any police report made

Many people don’t’ realize how important accident scene photos is as evidence when it comes to their car accident claims. And of course, it is also important to remember what safety comes before anything else in these situations. Check on yourself or others involved before your start turning into the car accident paparazzi. Also, be careful of how much you share online, especially of other photos of people. And whether or not you have photos of the accident scene, there are other ways recover car accident damages. Contact One Law Group in Beverly Hills for a consultation to go over your legal options.

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