Rainy Weather Means Slippery Surfaces

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As the season of rain and cold weather make their way back into our lives, it is important for us all to remember that slippery surfaces are not just at the entrance of a building. They can also exist outside and farther in a building. In fact, a wet or slippery floor away from the entrance can be caused by simply walking through a building. As we walk from the outside into a building, we can even carry wetness with us on the bottom of our shoes. Sometimes, the excess rain continues to fall off our jackets as we move through a building, which can also cause a slippery floor away from the entrance. Unfortunately, a slip and fall injury that is caused by wet surfaces affects 1 in 158 people every year in America, which accounts for over 20,000 people annually, according the National Floor Safety Institute.

As you enter a building, try to be aware of the signs that indicate a slippery surface, so you can protect yourself from a tragic fall. However, not all buildings or homes will display the signs or may fail to post them properly so people can see them. This is when people can get hurt. If you are one of the unfortunate people how has slipped or fallen because of a slippery surface in a building or at someone’s home, you may be entitled to compensation to cover your expenses.

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For more information on slip, trip, and fall prevention accidents, please visit the National Floor Safety Institute at http://www.nfsi.org.

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