Questions to Ask Your Beverly Hills Personal Injury Attorney

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A free consultation with a Beverly Hills personal injury attorney is an opportunity to learn more about both your case and the potential attorney who may handle it. While the lawyer will certainly have many questions for you about your situation to decide whether they want to accept your case, you should also prepare questions of your own.

You should leave the free consultation knowing the path forward you want to take and whether you want to work with the attorney. Here are some areas that you may want to ask further about when you are speaking to a lawyer.

Learn More About the Legal Process That You Are Facing

One of the first things on your mind when you are seeking legal advice is the uncertainty of your own situation. You know that someone else has done something wrong, but you do not know how to get money from them for the harm that they have caused you. There is a long legal process about which you may not know.

You should ask the attorney about the road ahead of you and the potential options that you can use to pursue financial compensation. The attorney will explain how you can seek money for your injury and the pros and cons of each.

Ask the Lawyer What They Think of the Strength of Your Case

In addition, you may also want the confidence that comes with knowing that you have a strong legal case for financial compensation. Of course, an attorney cannot give you a definitive opinion on the spot because they have not investigated the case or seen the evidence. Nonetheless, they will listen to you and your side of the story.

Accepting that the facts you have given them as true, they may give you an opinion about whether you have a viable case. The attorney will need to know that you have a compelling case before they can accept it.

Seek Answers About Potential Attorney’s Fees and Costs

You will also want to understand the potential fee structure for your case. Most personal injury lawyers will not ask you for any money upfront. They will also not send you any hourly bills while your case is pending. However, a personal injury lawyer does not work for free.

At some point, which is when you win your case, they have a right to be paid for their services. You will want to clarify the fee structure and how much they will expect as a contingency payment. Another area to ask about is how the attorney will handle other fees related to the litigation.

While attorneys will take these out of your settlement amount or jury award, you will also want to know whether the attorney will send you a bill for certain fees if you lose your case. Everything must be clearly spelled out in advance.

Learn About the Individual Attorney and Whether They Are a Good Fit for You

You need to know that you have the right attorney handling your case. The right attorney for your case can be a subjective question that depends on the circumstances. Usually, choosing the appropriate attorney is a mix of their own experience and how they may work with you on the case.

When you hire an attorney, you are practically trusting them with your financial future. You want to know that you have someone who is both reliable and has the experience necessary to wage the fight that can be necessary.

Your attorney should have the relevant experience it is required for a case of your type. Not only does it mean that they have handled your specific type of case before, but it also means that they have worked on cases of your magnitude. You will not want an attorney who routinely works on many smaller cases for a large personal injury action. Bigger and more complex cases require someone with specialized experience.

Ask How the Attorney Will Interface and Serve You

You should also ask about how the attorney will work with you on the case. You have a right to know what level of service to expect over the course of the case. Your attorney is a constant figure in your life until your case concludes. When you are seeking to hire a lawyer, look for someone who will be responsive and provide a high level of service.

Although you do not need to speak to your lawyer continuously, you want to know that your calls will be returned and that you can deal with the lawyer themselves as opposed to a legal assistant. You can closely work with your lawyer to present the best possible case.

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Personal Injury Attorney FAQs

Can I afford a personal injury lawyer?

Yes. You can hire a lawyer to represent you without paying them any money upfront or out of your pocket. You only pay them from the proceeds of your case if you win.

When should I hire an attorney after my accident?

Even if you do not file the claim immediately, you should have somebody working for you to protect your legal rights as soon as possible after the accident.

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