Proving You Are Innocent in an Auto Accident

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When police officers arrive at the scene of an accident, the first thing they’ll do is look for any evidence proving fault in accidents. They generally look at the positions of the cars, mainly to check which directions they are pointing, any tire marks on the pavement, what side of the road each car is on, and, most importantly, how much damage was sustained.

Distinguishing who is at fault isn’t always simple for police officers, but it is important to have a record of any evidence at the accident site to determine who is responsible for an accident. Innocent accident victims need to be proactive in order to protect themselves in case they need to file a claim. There are many things you can do to help prove you were not responsible.

  • Admitting Guilt: One easy way to prove your innocence is to prove the other driver was at-fault for the auto accident. If the other driver tells you, or anyone else, that they are sorry or if at any point, they take responsibility for the accident, that is a good enough statement for you to convince the police and the insurance company of your innocence. Of course, you should remember to never admit responsibility.
  • Collect Evidence: After an accident, the majority of the evidence will be removed from the scene. This means that the best time to document the evidence is right after the accident happens. Besides taking photos of the vehicles, you should also document nearby traffic lights, bystanders, other cars on the road, road and weather conditions, skid marks, and any visible injuries. Try to recreate a detailed description of the accident scene when taking photos and get photos that are up close, then take a step back, and any that you can get from a far distance away. And if you can, take from video footage as well and don’t depend on luck or someone else to gather all of this evidence.
  •  Eyewitnesses to the Accident: Accident scene eyewitnesses are extremely helpful when it comes to proving your innocence. Their testimony can be enough to convince insurance companies, lawyers, and the courts that someone else caused the accident. After an accident, look for anyone who saw it, get their names and contact information if you can. Make sure to give that information to the accident scene police officer.
  • Police Report: The police report should accurately communicate what happened during the accident. But, while they are important, sometimes police reports are not completely accurate. Get a copy of the police report as soon as you can so that you are able to look at it closely. If any information is incorrect, write down your dispute and be as detailed as possible with whatever you disagree with.

By taking the steps to get the evidence you need, there is a chance you’ll need to prove your innocence. There is a lot more to an auto accident case than showing the other driver was at fault. If you were injured and require medical care, the other driver’s insurance company may be hesitant to pay you what you are owed.

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