Plan to Prevent Dangerous Workplace Falls

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Workplace falls are one of the significant hazards facing construction workers. They lead to many fatalities every year, and both workers and employers need to plan to prevent them. The first step is to use railings on scaffolding systems, walkways, raised platforms, and anywhere else employees must work at heights.

There are also other types of fall protection these employees can use, like a rope and harness. Guardrails should be enough protection, but it doesn’t hurt to have additional protection against potential injuries.

It’s also essential for that construction workers to become familiar with the site and recognize all the potential fall risks and hazards. Knowledge and proper training go a long way towards avoiding accidents. Supervisors should also understand that new workers will naturally lack familiarity and experience with this specific site, which increases the risk of injury. These new workers should be adequately trained.

Additionally, workers should know how to use equipment like ladders and scaffolding systems safely. They should be sure to double-check that their equipment, which is familiar left out overnight, is not covered in mud, water, or ice.

You should also make sure to use the proper equipment if you need to reach higher while working on scaffolding or a ladder. It’s best not to take any shortcut that can increase your chances of falling. Falls will still happen, even when workers are aware of the risks and try to plan. Those who get hurt may need to know if they have a right to compensation. The attorneys at One Law Group can help you assess your case by examining the facts and researching the latest changes in the law. Our knowledgeable attorneys can use their experience to give you the best advice possible. Give our Beverly Hills office a call today at (844) 626-1529

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