Personal Injury on a Vacation

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Going on vacation is packed with enjoyable memories. One of the most relaxing aspects of a vacation is being a guest at a nice hotel. The hotel staff is there to tend to the needs of their guests, and this means that they are responsible for making their guests aware of any reasonable and foreseeable accidents that may lead to a personal injury.

For example, guests may see signs at the bottom and top of every staircase informing them to watch their step, or they may see a sign on the pool deck that informs them that the ground in that area is slippery when wet. What about a spill in the lobby or ice accumulation near the lobby entrance or in the walk ways?

It is the hotel’s responsibility to mark and clean the spill within a reasonable time, and it is also their responsibility to mark and remove the ice from the entrance. Both instances may result in a personal injury where the guest slips and falls on the premises. This sort of foreseeable harm is something that every hotel manager knows very well, or they should know. However, there are moments when hotels tend to omit or ignore certain details of this responsibility. That is when the court may determine that the hotel acted negligently in your personal injury case.

At One Law Group, our experienced attorneys fully understand how to pursue a personal injury claim against a hotel. Don’t accept responsibility for your personal injury. Allow a competent personal injury attorney to properly assess your case. Call (844) 626-1529 to schedule a free case evaluation.

When the attorneys at One Law Group evaluate claims against hotels, they first seek to identify the eligibility of the “Burden of Proof.”

  1. Did the hotel have an obligation to protect the guests from harm?
  2. Did the hotel breach its obligation by allowing the guest to be injured?
  3. Did the guest’s injury result in specific and identifiable damages?

For the Burden of Proof, proper evidence is required to establish eligibility. Examples of evidence include speaking with the hotel manager, speaking with witnesses, and taking photos and video. Relying on hotel security cameras to catch the incident may not always be sufficient proof of negligence. That is why having direct contact with hotel personnel, clear photos and video, and the proper legal representation is so crucial in a personal injury claim against a hotel.

If you have been injured at a hotel while on vacation, and the injury did not occur through voluntary actions, such as alcohol intoxication or ignoring posted warning or cautionary signs, then you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. Call (844) 626-1529 today and speak with the experienced personal injury attorneys at One Law Group, or contact us to schedule a free case evaluation. We look forward to speaking with you.

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