Is it Possible That Nobody is at Fault in a Car Accident?

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Well, there’s no straight answer! Car accidents are most likely human errors irrespective of the argument otherwise. The percentage of error may likely differ in both parties (the perpetrator and the victim). Parties involved in a car accident are more likely to deny their mistakes. It is good to be prepared for the worst, as nobody purposely tries to injure oneself or others. After the hit, it can be difficult to pull yourself together, and you may need to take a while to assess the whole situation to what exactly happened there!

Moreover, each case differs from the other depending on the state in which the accident has occurred. There are at-fault states where the party at-fault is responsible for paying the damage in the car accident. The party is held accountable for the damage irrespective of the injury and must pay for personal injury and damage to the no-fault party. While in no-fault states, each party involved in the accident may bear their own personal injury and damage from their respective insurances.

In a car accident, irrespective of the catastrophic injuries, it is suggested to note down the detailed account of the whole incident right then or after medical assistance that may help your case. Whatever you have experienced, such as a personal injury or automobile damage, including eye-witnesses accounts.

Check for Injuries and Get to a Safer Place

Look for your injuries and the passengers in your vehicle. It may be a big blow and can take a while to process what exactly happened there! It is okay to take your time in processing the whole situation and pull yourself together. It is good to move to a safer place and avoid causing further pain and trauma.

Report the Accident to Authorities

Call 911 if either of the parties has received injuries and requires immediate attention. If the collision has led to debris on the ground that could create a problem for others, contact 911. If you are blocking the traffic, call the police to control and divert the traffic. Also, if you find the other driver is intoxicated, it is good to call the police as you do not want the drunk driver to risk his life and others. However, if you do not find any above situations, report the incident to the police by filing it online.

  • Gather Evidence
  • Take photos of the scene or if you are injured and unable, seek medical assistance and ask others to take the pictures or record the damage.
  • Don’t forget to take photos of your scars or injuries.
  • Note down the time and date of the accident.
  • Speed of both cars (estimate).
  • You must write the street and directions of both drivers.
  • Parties involved in the accident were following traffic lights.
  • Road conditions (potholes, or any other significant information)

Both drivers will want to be 100% sure if the other driver claims they are not at fault and can justify it. So, it is crucial to be precise in capturing the accident scene for your case.

Collect Each Other’s Insurance Details

It is crucial to collect the basic information of the parties involved in the car accident. They must share contact information, vehicle number, driver’s license, accident details, location, and others. In at-fault states, it is important to exchange information after an accident. Then both the parties involved in the car accident can assess personal injury and damage and take appropriate action by contacting lawyers.

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