Most Common Symptoms and Injuries After Accident

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), do you know that around 2.74 million people were injured in vehicle crashes in 2019?

Accidents are always bad experiences, irrespective of the damage done to the person or vehicle. The reasons behind every vehicle collision for an individual differ according to their circumstances. Vehicle collision can be due to many reasons; still, some of the contributing factors could be when the driver gets distracted from a phone call, engages in a conversation with others in the car, consumes food or drink, or multitasks other things. While some drivers are preoccupied with running thoughts, this can also lead to distractions. So, it is suggested to be mindful and not distract yourself from anything while driving.

Vehicle collisions can lead to injuries and fatalities, and the experience can be harrowing. What follows is the mental trauma and injuries. The injuries can be divided into two broad terms – impact injuries and penetrating injuries. Impact injuries are caused when someone hits some part of the car’s interior. While penetrating injuries are cuts or scrapes from broken glass or loose objects flying inside the vehicle. Nobody wants to hurt themselves purposely, but if, unfortunately, you have been a part of a vehicle collision, some of the most common symptoms and injuries can be:

Headaches – You can have headaches days after the vehicle collision. It can be a sign of some serious problem such as a clot or head injury or maybe not. It is advised not to ignore any signs and visit the doctor to get a complete diagnosis.

Back pain – Can be an injury to the muscles, ligaments, or back or even damage the vertebrae.

Neck or shoulder pain or stiffness – One of the most common injuries can be whiplash, which you may experience days after the collision. Most rear-end vehicle collisions commonly cause whiplash.

Numbness – If your arms and hands are numb, it could be a sign of whiplash injury. Feeling numb could result from damage to the neck or spinal system.

Abdominal pain or swelling – Swelling could be a sign of internal bleeding. Purple bruises, dizziness, and fainting are significant signs of a severe problem. You must not ignore these signs and visit the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Any changes in physical function or personality – Concussion during the collision could indicate some brain injury – any changes in movement, problems with vision or hearing, impaired thinking or memory, or depression.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – After the accident, you may have nightmares or disturbing memories of the incident. You may be re-thinking about the accident and feeling bad about it.

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