Medical Treatment on a Lien Basis

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Medical treatment on a lien basis is not very difficult to obtain. However, a person must be aware that their treatment can be covered. This is why the personal injury attorneys in Beverly Hills at One Law Group, PC take the time to inform you of all your options after your injury.

Unfortunately, not all people who suffer a personal injury can afford proper medical care and some may not have sufficient medical insurance to cover treatment. However, a personal injury case can help with sufficient medical treatment that can be paid for on a lien basis.

A lien is a mandate of payment which can be in conjunction with a personal injury case. Treatment on a lien basis means that a patient doesn’t need to have medical insurance or even make an initial payment since it will likely be covered after the verdict of the personal injury case. This is an understanding that your doctor will need to have prior to treatment, and this usually includes filling out a few extra forms.

In other words, you are granting a doctor who will treat you a lien against your recovery in your personal injury case, which will assure the doctor that he or she will get paid from any financial award from the case.

How Does One Law Group, PC in Beverly Hills Help?

At One Law Group, PC, our personal injury attorneys in Beverly Hills are here to help you understand your rights as the victim. Someone who is suffering from a personal injury after an auto accident may be able to receive compensation for the injuries caused by the other party, depending on your circumstances.

If the victim cannot pay for their medical treatment with medical insurance or because it is too expensive, we can help you find medical treatment with a doctor who is willing to offer care on a lien basis. Before treatment can be performed, a formal written agreement between the doctor and the patient. This is why it is important to have an attorney who understands these areas, such as the personal injury attorneys in Beverly Hills at One Law Group, PC.

The goals of our Beverly Hills personal injury attorneys are to make sure you get the right care needed and get you properly compensated for the injuries you suffered. We are more than happy to sit down with you during a free case review to discuss your case and your injuries suffered.

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