Long-Term Effects of a Car Accident

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When you have suffered a injury in a car accident, you will suffer numerous effects in the aftermath. Your physical injuries can cause you a number of difficulties, both now and in the future. The legal rule is that the person responsible for the accident must compensate you for the full extent of your injuries. The Beverly Hills car accident attorneys at One Law Group will work for you to get the settlement check that you deserve after a car accident.

Physical Injuries Are a Major Issue After a Car Accident

The first and most obvious effect of a car accident is the physical injuries from which you are suffering. You may have been treated at the scene, or you may require extensive medical care in the days after the accident. In other cases, you may not immediately realize that you have suffered an injury. However, these injuries are no less serious, and they may get worse over time.

There are some cases where car accident injuries may never heal, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Permanent scarring
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Neck and back injuries

These injuries may require medical treatment for the rest of your life. You may also be unable to live a normal life.

Emotional Injuries After a Car Accident

Anytime that you have suffered physical injuries, there are always secondary effects. The most obvious impact is the physical pain that you may be experiencing. In addition, physical injuries also have emotional impacts. Accident victims may experience anxiety and depression related to their accident injuries. You can suffer emotionally from physical pain or from the uncertainty of the accident.

Further, the accident itself can have left you traumatized. In addition, being unable to live the life that you lived before the accident can also harm you emotionally. Accident victims often require mental health treatment in addition to the care of a doctor.

The Financial Effects of a Car Accident

One of the major effects of the accident is the financial peril that you may be facing:

  • You may be unable to work after the accident because of your injuries, or you must miss significant time from work for medical treatment.
  • You may need to pay out a lot of money for your medical care, even if you have health insurance.

You may begin feeling financial stress immediately after the accident because doctor’s bills will come due quickly. Not only are you in actual financial danger, but the reality of your situation can aggravate the anxiety that you are already feeling.

Car Accident Injuries Can Last into the Future

You should not make the mistake of assuming that your car accident losses end at the exact time that you file the claim. At that point, you are both seeking compensation for the harm that you have endured in the past and will continue to experience. The time when you file the claim or lawsuit is just an artificial point, and it is not a cutoff by any means.

The same injuries that have caused your damages may continue to affect you in the future. If you have suffered serious injuries, you may be permanently unable to work. You may also be dealing with the physical and emotional impacts of the injuries for the rest of your life. For example, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries may not ever go away.

Car accident damages cover both your past and future experiences. It is a challenge to estimate your future damages when you file your claim because you may not know them with exact certainty. Nonetheless, you are expected to carry your own burden of proof when it comes to your damages.

An experienced car accident attorney can review your medical records and work with the necessary experts to establish the extent of your personal injuries. If you do not get this calculation right, you will be unable to come back to the insurance company for more money because you have signed a release clause as part of your settlement agreement.

Hiring an Attorney for the Legal Process Should Give You Some Comfort

One thing that should give you comfort is that you may eventually recover damages in a settlement if someone else was at fault for the accident. Although it may take some time, and your financial situation can get worse before it gets better, the law is on your side when you can prove that someone else was to blame for the accident.

Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer can ease your burden by giving you one less thing to worry about at a time when your plate is full. Your attorney can handle the details of your case, allowing you to focus on other things as you seek to recover from your car accident injuries.

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Car Accident Case FAQs

What damages am I entitled to in a car accident?

You can be paid economic damages, representing the money that has come out of your pocket, and non-economic damages that pay you for the experience that you have had to endure.

How do I know how much my future damages are?

Determining your future damages is the exact reason why you need to work with a lawyer since it is hard for you to estimate damages on your own.

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