Is Your Designated Driver Actually Sober?

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Is Your Designated Driver Actually Sober?

Recently, confirming a designated driver in your group of friends for an evening of partying and drinking has been encouraged as one of the safest and most effective ways of reducing the risk of alcohol related car accidents and DUI’s. When choosing a designated driver amongst your friends, it is assumed by the entire party that this person will abstain from consuming alcohol for the evening in order to keep their passengers and other people on the road safe, so that they can all get home without being injured. However, that is not always the case.Many Beverly Hills DUI lawyers and attorneys have grown increasingly skeptical of how many designated drivers are truly and 100% abstaining from alcohol throughout the evening when the temptation is completely surrounding them in situations like parties, clubs and bars. Think about it. You go out for an evening of partying, bar hopping, and an all-around good time. What exactly is the likelihood that the designated driver for the evening can avoid the temptation to stay sober and responsible? Or are they more likely to have a few drinks in order to catch up with the vibe of the party?These are all very valid questions which prompted a study about designated drivers and how sober they really were at the end of a fun and alcohol filled evening. These investigators first started by questioning and testing young adults who were leaving a bar on a Saturday night. 41% of the people in question confirmed that they had agreed to be the designated drivers for the evening. Out of the 41%, an outstanding 20% had enough alcohol in their systems to be considered legally impaired and, in fact, arrested for a DUI. This 20% has put their life, the lives of their passengers, and the lives of other people on the road at risk.A study like this should make you second guess who should be driving you home after a night out of drinking and partying. It is safe to double check to make sure your designated driver is actually sober and not inebriated. The research speaks for itself; many designated drivers fail to completely avoid alcohol during late night partying which completely defeats the purpose of labeling them a designated driver. Always make sure your designated driver is responsible and reliable.

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