How Your GoPro Can Win Your Case

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How Your GoPro Can Win Your Case

With a profit of over $117 million in just three years, GoPro cameras have been successful in the world of extreme sporting and championed by X Games athletes and other daredevil athletes all around the world. Not everyone are as adventurous in their day to day life, leaving the question: are GoPro cameras just a fad or can normal people use them too? Though not everyone can consider themselves an adventure seekers like X Games athletes, but here at One Law Group, we have come to realize that GoPro cameras are incredibly invaluable for another reason: they can quickly dispel or affirm the negligence of another party proving them guilty in an accident.Over the past few years, more practical uses for the GoPro cameras have come to light. In the Beverly Hills area, we have noticed more and more cyclists attaching GoPro cameras to their helmets, in order to record any bicycle accidents they may potentially fall victim to. When these bicyclists film their rides, they can often identify the license number of a car that might try to pull a hit and run, or provide accurate footage of what exactly happened to cause a crash. This helps avoid the “it’s my word against his word” dilemma that many people tend to face when filing their accident injury claim.When you file a personal injury claim with One Law Group, it’s extremely vital to your case that you have some sort of representation of the actions of both parties during the accident. In most cases, attorneys will appoint an “Accident Reconstruction Specialist” to determine the scenario of how the collision occurred. With GoPro footage, you are able to see firsthand what happened. See? GoPro cameras are not just for the X Games, you can make use out of yours, too.

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