Dealing with Road Rage and Accidents

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Road rage is an issue throughout the United States. In fact, according to data gathered by, 66% of recent traffic fatalities can be linked to aggressive driving.

What is Road Rage?

Some people mistake aggressive driving for road rage. However, they are not the same. Aggressive driving is a kind of traffic violation, like weaving in and out of lanes, speeding, tailgating another driver, or not using their signals when changing lanes. Road rage, on the other hand, can start as aggressive driving, but it often escalates into something more dangerous. Violent drivers typically commit traffic violations, which puts others at risk.

Ways that drivers take part in road rage include:

  • Making obscene gestures
  • Cursing
  • Making threats
  • Ramming a vehicle or person
  • Sideswiping a vehicle
  • Running another drive off the road
  • Using or brandishing a weapon

Angry drivers may act violently after a collision, so the actions you take will matter. Here are a few tips to follow when dealing with an angry motorist after a car crash.

Here’s what you should do if you find yourself this situation:

  •       Immediately call the police
  •       Wait until they calm down to talk
  •       Move to a well-lit area
  •       If you can, stay in your vehicle

The critical thing to remember is that angry individuals are often unpredictable. Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with an angry driver after an automobile accident. While it’s not uncommon to experience this, you should have a plan for staying safe when interacting with an angry motorist.

Even if you drive as safely as you can, there are always going to be reckless drivers on the road. If you are injured in this car accident, you may have a case. Contact One Law Group for advice about what you should do moving forward. Call us at (844) 626-1529 (844)626-1529.

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