100 Deadliest Days: Teens Beware

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Summer is here, and it’s time to be outside! Summertime is all about having fun. Be it going to the beach, hiking, on road trips, etc., people want to head out and have a good time. Sadly, this is also the beginning of 100 Deadliest Days for teen drivers, as per American Automobile Association (AAA). From 2011 to 2020, more than 7,000 teens died in summertime crashes; hence, it is the most dangerous time for teen drivers. The period lasts from Memorial Day to Labor Day and is called a dangerous period. It becomes the responsibility of parents and caregivers to look out for their children.

Teens’ inexperience behind the wheels makes them more likely to speed, be distracted while driving, drowsy, and have no safety belts.

Distraction – Distraction includes talking to passengers, messaging, talking on the phone, or any interacting. It can most likely lead to a potential crash and is most common among teens while driving.

No safety belts – Research suggests that 60% of teens died because they were not wearing a safety belt.

Speeding – Speed often fascinates many people and can be dangerous if it goes out of control.

Parents should guide their teens toward safe driving behaviors. Sometimes, it is tough to deal with teens as they can be stubborn and refuse to listen to anybody. It is good to talk to teens about the dangers behind the wheel and how to abstain from it. It is good to follow the rules, not speed, maintain an appropriate distance between the vehicle ahead, etc., and lead by example in front of children. Conduct supervised practice sessions for your children and agree to set family rules for teen drivers. Practice, practice, and practice can help your teen on the road. Make sure teen drives on busy streets and highways during day and night and in all seasons. Be their backup; never allow your teen to drink and drive and insist on dropping and picking them up.

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