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The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest single running nerve in a person’s body. Starting at the hip, the sciatic nerve is a combination of several nerves that join together to form one large nerve in the lower back, which splits and travels down both legs, ending in the feet. Sciatica can develop from a personal injury caused by work-related injuries, car accidents, assaults, and slip and fall injuries (negligence). Considering all of these forms of personal injury, a person may be entitled to compensation if the other party is the cause of your deliberating sciatic nerve pain. Sciatica is not a good feeling to have based on the amount of pain that it causes and the life-altering experiences it creates.

If you have been injured because of the negligence of another person or business, you may be eligible for compensation. Call the attorneys of One Law Group in Beverly Hills at (844) 626-1529 for a free consultation.

Sciatic nerve pain can affect a person by producing weakness, numbness, pain, feelings of pins and needles, and limit the range of motion in the lower back, legs, and feet. When a person is in an auto accident, many times the lower back is affected and this can cause sciatic nerve pain to arise in the following days or weeks. In fact, sciatica may not be present immediately after an auto accident, but it will eventually arise in the form of inflammation in the body as the inflamed parts begin to decrease. At the same time, the muscles in the lower back, when inflamed, can cause acute sciatica to occur. This condition can cause a person to lose time from work and prevent them from enjoying their free time. This is all the more reason to seek damages for the injuries incurred by the negligence of a person or a business.

Assaults and slip-and-fall cases can also produce an abundance of pain from sciatic nerve damage. In these cases, the sciatic nerve is damaged when blunt force trauma occurs to the lower back or leg region of the body. There are many ways that this can happen. When a person slips and falls in a business, for example, the weight of the fall can cause a dislocation, broken bone, or a seriously inflamed muscle that can all cause damage to the sciatic nerve. In an assault, a person might kick or punch the victim in the lower back or thigh area, causing the tissue and muscles to become seriously inflamed or bruised. In more serious assaults, bones can be broken or dislocated, which can really affect the signals being sent up and down the sciatic nerve.

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