Common Places Car Accidents Occur

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If you live near any major city and driving down a major interstate takes you longer than usual, it’s probably caused by a small car accident. While accidents these accidents are extremely common, most car accidents don’t actually happen major highways. Actually, more than half of all car accidents occur closer to a driver’s home, on much smaller roads.

No matter where an accident takes place, those who are injured in an auto accident can experience debilitating pain. It is even more frustrating for those in accidents caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior.

Here are 6 common places car accidents take place:

  • Parking Lots: While accidents in parking lots are probably not too serious, they’re pretty common. It’s the worst scenario – lots of cars crammed close together, no real rules or regulations, and constant pedestrian traffic. It’s not surprising fender benders in these areas are most common.
  • Stop Signs: Stop sign accidents occur because a driver either fails to stop in enough time, drives through the sign, or fails to fully stop, which can increase the risk of an accident.
  • Intersections: A large percentage of fatal car crashes occur in intersections. Though, there are many non-fatal car crashes that take place in intersections as well. They are usually caused by improper left turns, traffic laws violations, speeding, and distracted driving. Accidents at intersections are often categorized as t-bone crashes. These accidents can, unfortunately, cause more serious injuries, which include whiplash, hearing damage, broken shoulders, and head trauma.
  • Rural highways: While rural highways have a lot less traffic flow, it is commonplace for single-vehicle accidents. Since there is a lack of traffic, drivers are more like to be distracted and can often swerve off the side of the road. In Addition, road maintenance in these areas isn’t often seen as top priorities, which can add to accidents.
  • Two-lane roads: Since two-lane roads offer drivers a single lane in each direction, this can add to the risk of an accident occurring. Also, two-lane roads also have shoulders that are smaller than the ones on larger highways. Any driver that even slightly strays into oncoming lane could result in a head-on collision, causing a very serious accident.
  • Rush Hour Traffic: Those who commute to work every day are also at a higher risk of experiencing injuries in car crashes. Rush hour traffic is also commonplace for minor fender benders caused by rear-ending to occur. This is usually caused by distracted or fatigued drivers and is especially common for those who have to drive early in the morning and late at night.

Car accidents are always a surprise and leave injured parties feeling powerless and uncertain of their next step should be. At One Law Group, we believe it is critical for those who have been involved in a car crash to consult with an expert car accident attorney. Contact our Beverly Hills office today at (844)626-1529 to talk about your legal options.

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