Common Causes of Car Accidents

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Car accidents are a common occurrence, especially in high traffic areas. While you cannot always avoid them, there are do some things you can do to improve your driving and make sure you are not at fault in the case of an accident. There is no doubt that car accidents are devastating. They happen all the time just driving your everyday commute, and it can make even the safest drivers wonder about their safety. Even a driver who follows the laws and has never been in an accident before should still learn how to avoid one.

According to the National Safety Council, roughly 90% of car accidents occur caused by human error. There are a few things you can do if a collision seems impossible to avoid while driving. When you know what to do before an accident occurs, it can keep you from sustaining severe injuries.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Distracted Driving

It has become a bigger and bigger threat every year and has been the leading cause of car accidents for the past decade. It is essential to keep your attention on the road while driving, which means no cell phone use, eating, reading, grooming, or talking while behind the wheel.


Pushing the speed limit when you are in traffic or running a bit late is always tempting, but speeding is the second most common cause of accidents. While it is hard, you should avoid the urge and stay within the legal limits.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous and common causes of accidents in the United States. Upwards of 300,000 drunk driving incidents in America every day, and these accidents are some of the deadliest. If you have had anything to drink, call an Uber or taxi, or give your keys to a sober friend.

Reckless Driving

It appears there is always a handful of people either changing lanes quickly, driving well over the speed limit, or being aggressive on the roads. These types of behaviors can lead to horrible accidents. The best thing to do is take your time and remain calm while driving, even if you are late and in a hurry. Avoiding unnecessary accidents caused by simple carelessness can save lives.

Rainy Conditions

It is often impossible to avoid driving in the rain, though you should try to limit how much time you spend driving on the slick, dangerous road conditions, especially during heavy rainfall. If you have issues while driving or the road seems incredibly slick, the best thing to do is safely pull over and wait until the storm passes.

Running Red Lights

It may seem obvious, but it is essential to mention: a red light always means a stop. Even if no other cars are coming, driving through a red light can lead to a severe accident, and you will be breaking the law.

Running Stop Signs

Just like red lights, stop signs are not an option. Make sure to always come to a full stop and wait your turn for other cars and pedestrians before passing through.

Snow and Ice

Snow affects how your car drives on the road. Ice is even worse. It is common for vehicles to slip and slide off the road – they sometimes flip over. If you must deal with snow, make sure to have proper chains and tires. Also, avoid streets that have not yet been sanded or plowed.

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If you remember these risks and do all you can to prevent them, you will be much less likely to get in a Beverly Hills car accident. However, we cannot prevent all accidents. Just because you are careful does not mean the other drivers on the road will do the same thing. If you are in a car crash, it may not be your fault, which means you should not be responsible for the damages. Give the attorneys at One Law Group call at (844) 626-1529 discuss your specific case further today to find out if we can help.

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