Car Accident Involving a Bike

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Bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries. Lawsuits to recover damages for injuries in an accident involving a bike with a car can have just as many complications as any other auto accident lawsuit. Accountability for bike accident injuries tends to come down to the driver’s carelessness or whether the cyclist was careless and contributed to the accident.

And because both cyclists and drivers are required to obey the road rules, including traffic laws, they need to be accountable for their safety and the safety of others on the roads. Your actions immediately after an accident may significantly impact how much you recover from your injuries and property damage.

Here’s some advice on what to do:

  •   Wait for the Police to Arrive: When you wait for the police, you can guarantee that they take your statement and file a police report. Even in cases where there are no apparent injuries, they can appear later. Minor injuries can lead to becoming severe problems.
  •       Don’t negotiate:  While it is instinctual to apologize and accept blame at first, many drivers later denied their negligence or were involved in the accident. The police can help provide documentation, which can be vital evidence you need to settle the case with the insurance company.
  •       Speak up and tell your story: In many cases, police take a statement from the motorist and do not even speak to the cyclist. You need to advocate for yourself and get as much as you can into the police report. Make sure to include all of your injuries, no matter how minor.
  •       Document the incident:

o    How did it happen?

o   Where and when did it occur?

o   Road, traffic, and weather conditions?

  •       Medical attention is essential: Get medical attention immediately for any injury. Even minor injuries can be potentially life-threatening. Also, seeking medical attention can be the proof you need for your case since the medical records can document the degree of those injuries and your recovery process.

At One Law Group in Beverly Hills, our skilled personal injury attorney can help you use your medical records to prove that your injuries were caused by accident. We will help you so that you may recover the damages to pay for your losses. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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