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There is nothing scarier than experiencing a car accident, except for experiencing a collision with a huge commercial truck. Commercial truck accidents are not quite as common, but when these large vehicles are involved in accidents, the results can be devastating. They often result in a range of severe injuries, disabilities, loss of life, and thousands of dollars in property damage.

When you are involved in an accident of this size, the trauma you experience can stay with you years after the incident. This trauma typically causes a range of other frustrating problems and seeking the help of an experienced truck accident attorney can help relieve some of that stress. When a truck accident occurs, there may be some confusion over who is at fault and liable for the damage that resulted.

In some cases, the driver is at fault, but the truck’s owner, or the trucking company it was leased from, could also be responsible. In other cases, liability goes to the manufacturer of the truck or the person loading it. There is no go-to handbook on how to handle an accident, especially since they can happen at any time and under any conditions. Here are some of the most common types of truck accidents:

Tire blowout truck accidents

When a truck has a tire blowout, it could cause the vehicle to veer into another lane, rollover, or jackknife. Tire blowouts are typically caused by wear and tear on tires, but they can also be the result of defective manufacturing and routine maintenance flaws. These accidents are dangerous because flying tires and debris could hit cars or collide with the truck if it swerves out of its lane.

The best way to protect yourself from these situations is to keep space between your car and any truck. When you need to pass a truck, make sure you have plenty of space ahead of the truck to move quickly and not ride alongside the truck for any longer than necessary.

Unsecured load accidents

The trucking industry is subject to a variety of federal regulations for loading cargo. The key to cargo hauling is that it must be tightly secure. A truck’s restraints must be suitable for the weight and type of shipment. An unsecured load can add to these common accidents:

  • Jackknife accidents: a heavy load prevents the truck driver from efficiently braking, causing the trailer to swing around and face the opposite way from the cab.
  • Rollover accidents: when loose cargo shifts during a turn; this can alter the truck’s equilibrium or center of gravity and cause the truck to overturn.
  • Cargo spills: can be dangerous whether the cargo is hazardous. Any debris on the road is dangerous.

Rollover truck accident

A “rollover” is when a truck rolls to one side because of:

  • Speeding
  • Sudden maneuvers
  • Improper cargo loading
  • Dangerous or slippery roads
  • Failure to perform proper maintenance
  • Driver error

Underride truck accidents

An underride accident involves a passenger car colliding and sliding underneath the truck, usually from the rear or side. The height difference between these trucks and most cars increases the risk of vehicles slipping beneath the truck. When it does happen, it crushes the top and wrong of the car and can seriously injure the occupants. Although many trucks have underride guards, they are not typically strong enough to withstand strong impact.

Truck accidents are complicated and if you have suffered from severe injuries and have been worried about how you are going to cover all your expenses, you need a Beverly Hills personal injury lawyer by your side.  A knowledgeable and reliable attorney at One Law Group can help victims of truck crashes in many ways. Give us a call today!

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