Building a Case Against a Speeding Driver

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Speeding is a common cause of car accidents and it is also hard to prove that the other driver was going over the speed limit. More than likely, the driver or their insurance may deny it.

Physical Evidence

An experienced lawyer can take the steps to collect physical evidence that can prove the other driver was speeding and caused the accident. The physical evidence an auto accident lawyer may be able to gather to prove speeding may include:

  • Skid marks: Skid marks may help indicate that a person tried to brake suddenly to avoid an accident. The length and depth of skid marks could allow investigators to establish when the driver first applied the brakes and how long it took for their car to completely stop. This information could help investigators come up with the speed of the vehicle before impact.
  • Road debris: When the impact happens, the amount of debris that comes off during an accident may also suggest a driver’s speed because they’ll be able to measure the distance debris traveled after impact.
  • Car damage: The damage to the vehicles is also very telling. The faster a vehicle is traveling at the point of impact, the more damage it will cause. Car manufacturers have collision ratings that can detail the extent of damage done to cars at different speeds.
  • Electronic records: If you were hit by a commercial truck or a newer vehicle, which stores electronic data, your attorney can fight to get this information to help determine how fast the vehicle may have been traveling.

Witness Statements

Objective witnesses can offer compelling evidence about what happened in the accident. They may have seen the other driver speed through a red light or maybe witnessed them zooming in and out of other cars. You can also ask any witnesses that were at the scene of the accident for their contact information. Your lawyer can later follow up with them and find out what they may have seen.

Your lawyer may also want to consult various expert witnesses to support your claim, including:

  • Medical experts: they’ll be able to explain the extent of your injuries, how they happened, and any future treatment you may need.
  • Vocational experts: they can describe your injuries and how they can affect the future of your earning capacity.
  • Police Reports: Police reports may detail who the officer believes is at fault for the accident. They’ll also include whether they believe reckless speeding was a part of the reason. The police report may also include if the other driver received a ticket for speeding. Your lawyer can obtain this police report and can review it to collect important information about the accident.

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