Are you a Distracted Driver? Then This Is for You!

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These days distracted driving is quite common on the roads. The driver may talk or text on the phone, engage in a conversation with others, change the stereo, or eat and drink in the car. These are some of the activities that can distract the driver and potentially lead to a collision. Distracted driving is dangerous and should be avoided at any cost. There are three types of distraction – visual, manual, and cognitive.

Do you know that around eight people are killed in crashes that reportedly involve distracted drivers every day? In 2018, over 2,800 people were killed, and an estimate of 400,000 were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver.

These numbers are appalling, and everything can be a distraction if you are behind the wheel. However, if you multitask in a car, it clearly shows that you are dividing your attention to the secondary task that can affect your primary role of driving. Your eye activity, along with problem-solving skills, slows down. Remember, your mind takes 13 seconds to refocus on your surroundings after glancing at a cell phone, even for a few seconds. It can increase your chances of a vehicle collision. So, multitasking while driving is a myth. When driving, you must be present with both hands on the wheels with a conscious mind.

Do you know a person who texts and drives is six times likely to have a crash than a person under the influence? So, things you can avoid being safe while driving are:

Do not use a cellphone – It is one of the biggest distractions with social media, audio, or video calls while driving. No matter what, keep your hands on the wheels and avoid any multitasking.

Eating or drinking – A common practice as people rush in the morning prefer their morning coffee while driving. Avoid such activities which can distract your mind.

Sleeping – Are you drained out? Are you drowsy? Do not drive the vehicle if you are subconscious and not in the state to drive. In this way, you are purposely risking your and others’ lives.

Be mindful – Do not distract yourself with running thoughts and try to be present at the moment.

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