All You Need to Know About Airbag Injuries

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Airbags can undoubtedly protect you in a car during an accident. It is a safety gear and helps protect you from a significant head collision. They are located on the steering wheel for the driver seat and the dashboard for the passenger seat. There are sometimes additional bags on the side to protect the side of the driver and passenger seat in the front. Airbags are a huge savior during vehicle collisions but sometimes can cause injury. Just like safety belts, airbags are intended to protect individuals in the car from getting hurt during a crash.

What is Airbag?

An airbag is made of light fabric. When inflated for the driver, it is the size of a beach ball in the steering wheel but much larger for the passenger seat as it is far from the dashboard. Connected to the sensor, and when head-on or near head-on collision at a speed of above 8-10 MPH, airbags inflate. The crash sensor will trigger an igniter to produce a gas, nitrogen, or argon to fill the airbag.

What Can Possibly Go Wrong with Airbags?

Several things that can go wrong with the airbag, such as

  • Airbags might not inflate during the crash itself
  • The sensors might not work or deploy the airbag at the wrong time
  • The sensors malfunction may deploy one airbag and leave out the rest
  • It may deploy airbags but will be late
  • Sometimes when inflated, the airbag can be positioned wrongly
  • Airbags can cause face burns
  • If airbags are not inflated appropriately can cause neck injuries

Even if the driver and front-seat passengers sit far from the steering wheel or dashboard, airbags can still cause harm when inflated. Even respiratory problems can arise in people with health conditions or weaker lungs. Also, airbags can cause severe damage to infants or children in the vehicle if defective.

How to be Careful with Kids in the Vehicle?

Parents should be mindful while placing their children in the vehicle. Children below 12 years of age should never travel in the passenger seat at the front. Infants must be placed in the back seat and on age-appropriate child safety seats with seatbelts always. Do you know young children are most at risk when the frontal airbag deploys in a vehicle crash?

If you’ve been a part of an unfortunate vehicle accident where airbags didn’t work or sustained injuries due to a defective airbag, our professional legal attorneys can help. Our legal attorneys will thoroughly evaluate your case and provide advice in your best interests. You may contact One Law Group at  (844) 626-1529.

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