4 Critical Mistakes to Avoid During Your Auto Accident Case

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Any mistake, even an insignificant one, that you make during a car accident lawsuit can have serious consequences. Your case could not only lose credibility and lower your chances of being fully compensated; it could even cause your cause to be thrown out. Luckily, victims can contact personal injury lawyers, who can help them be proactive in avoiding common mistakes from negatively affecting their case and settlement.

4 common mistakes made in Beverly Hills car accident lawsuits:

  1. Waiting too long: If you wait too long to start a claim, you might not make the dealing to file a legal case. By waiting too, you will not be able to be compensated, no matter how bad the injuries you sustained were. It also causes witness memories to fade, which means that evidence gets lost, hurting your case even more.
  2. Discussing injuries or case: To protect yourself, you should avoid talking about your case unless it’s with your personal injury attorney. You could unknowingly provide information to the defense, or an insurance adjuster. This is an easy way to hurt your case for compensation.
  3. Sharing on social media: Yes, even a seemingly innocent post on social media can have severe, irreversible outcomes. Even a Facebook photo of you walking on the beach or going to the dog park, when it has supposedly been hard for you to get around, can be found by insurance adjusters or others in the case. It has become normal for investigators to look on social media for any inconsistencies in injury cases. So, it’s important not to underestimate the risk of posting about your accident.
  4. Ignoring medical advice: When you are recovering from injuries sustained by an auto accident, it is very important that you follow your doctor’s advice. It is also important to attend any and all follow-up appointments that are needed for you to maintain the credibility of your injuries. If you fail to show up to an appointment, it could give the defense a reason to question whether or not your injuries are actually as serious as you are claiming they are and if they’re enough to justify compensation.

If you’re hurt badly in an auto accident, you should know that this process is complex and getting professional help can help you avoid being cheated out of the money you are owed. Contact One Law Group today at (844)626-1529 to find out how we can help you!

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