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Hazards that exist on a property should be controlled by the property owner. By the time you realize the danger, it may be too late. However, you may receive financial compensation for your injuries and suffering.

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What Is the Meaning of Premises Liability?

Premises liability is the legal duty of a property owner to keep their property safe. Someone who owns or controls property must take reasonable actions to ensure the safety of others who enter the property.

Premises Liability Negligence

Negligence is the primary basis for premises liability. The defendant does not have to act with extreme recklessness or intentionally cause an injury. However, a property owner must provide ordinary care at all times. If they are negligent in providing that care, and it is a substantial factor in the cause of the injury, you may receive compensation.

Our lawyers build the evidence to prove all elements of premises liability. With millions of dollars won for our clients, we want to make your case another success. Contact us today at (844) 626-1529 to learn more.

Do not wait to start your premises liability case

There are time limits to file a case. Generally, the California Code of Civil Procedures (CCP) §335.1 gives victims two years to start a claim based on negligence on property.

It is always best to talk to our lawyers as soon as possible. We want to preserve the evidence and start your case.

Examples of Premises Liability Claims

Common examples of premises liability claims are:

  • Uneven flooring, cracks in the sidewalk
  • Inadequate hand railings, broken stairs
  • Escalator and elevator malfunction
  • Failing to follow building codes
  • Bed bugs and infestations
  • Inadequate security and supervision
  • Poor lighting
  • Not inspecting structures and electrical wiring
  • Transient substances on the floor; water spills
  • Chemical substance leaks and spills
  • Attractive objects like swimming pools and amusements
  • Displays in a store that people can trip over, items that can fall

Accidents and injuries can happen on a property in many ways. There may be other individuals who are not the property owner involved in the events leading to the accident. When an accident occurs, it is important to evaluate who has legal fault. Our law firm can investigate on your behalf.

Lawyers Who Are Not Afraid to Go to Trial

Receiving average compensation is not enough for our clients. You deserve full payment for your damages and injuries. Many lawyers settle their cases for too little. At One Law Group, we are ready to litigate your case.

After carefully building your claim, we have no problem taking it to trial. We are experienced litigators, and we are proud to represent you in the courtroom.

See how we can build your case and pursue it until you have justice. Call (844) 626-1529 today to learn more.

Choosing the Best Premises Liability Lawyer for You

When you need the best premises liability lawyer for you, here are some reasons to choose One Law Group Long Beach premises liability lawyers:

  • With millions of dollars of compensation recovered, we have a track record of success
  • Each case is handled with the highest ethics and integrity
  • Founder Emanuel J. Abrishami is a merit scholar graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law
  • He also holds a Master of Business Administration
  • Spanish-speaking team members are always available
  • Open communication throughout the case so you are always comfortable asking questions and you are always up to date with the latest developments
  • Experience and expertise in injury claims, so we understand the unique issues and what to focus on to get results
  • Courtroom emphasis and a dedication to fully litigate each claim to reach the best result

Each case is an opportunity to help our community by representing an injured person. We promise to work diligently to prepare your case, bring it on your behalf and pursue it until you have the justice you deserve.

About One Law Group

Law firm founder Emanuel J. Abrishami made his first appearance in court during the first week of his legal career. Then, he gained valuable experience in litigation representing insurance companies and as a general counsel. Today, he serves as a mentor for law students and guest lecturer on the skills needed for success in representing clients in legal practice. One Law Group is dedicated to serving individuals and families when they need quality, experienced legal representation for injury claims.

Top Compensation – Maximizing Your Result

When you are hurt because of a dangerous condition on a property, you should not have to bear the losses without compensation. You likely have medical bills and pain and suffering. You may be unable to work and take care of your family that depends on you. You should not have to suffer these losses without fair compensation.

It should be the party who causes the accident that pays damages. Our Long Beach premises liability lawyers want to maximize your case results. Do not hesitate any longer to talk to our lawyers. When you need results, our professionals can represent you in all aspects of bringing your claim.

Taking New Cases – Call for Your Consultation

Each client receives a customized case plan. One Law Group is a team of experienced legal professionals who are here to represent you in Long Beach premises liability claims.

If you have been injured in an accident occurring on a property, you may deserve compensation. Our lawyers can represent you to claim this compensation.

Call (844) 626-1529 or message us online to begin.

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