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Our dog bite lawyers serve clients in Long Beach and the surrounding area. We are an experienced law firm that represents injury victims. Call (844) 626-1529 or message us for your consultation.

Suffering a dog bite attack can cause significant injuries. You may receive compensation by bringing a legal claim. One Law Group can begin your claim today. Contact us to discuss your case.

Dog Bite Lawyer Near You

Are you looking for a dog bite lawyer near you? Our goal is to be the dog bite lawyers with the highest standards of professional skill and ethical integrity. We believe you should not suffer without compensation when another person’s dog hurts you.

You may deserve financial compensation under the law, but you must assert your rights. Our Long Beach dog bite lawyers want you to receive fair compensation for the physical, mental and financial damage you have suffered.

If you need representation, please call (844) 626-1529 today. It would be a privilege to serve you.

Justice When a Dog Bites You

When a dog bites you, you deserve justice. Here are some reasons our loyal clients choose One Law Group for their legal services:

  • Selected to the Los Angeles Magazine Super Lawyers list each year for the last seven years (2015-2022)
  • Founder Emanuel J. Abrishami is an academic merit scholarship student of the Pepperdine University School of Law and Master of Business Administration programs. This academic training gives him the perspective to pursue the financial aspects of each claim in detail
  • Guest speaker and mentor to Pepperdine University law students
  • Millions of dollars received for clients
  • Focus on fully litigating each claim. Elements are carefully proven, and arguments prepared for each court appearance
  • Personalized case plans based on your needs and goals
  • Commitment to the highest professional standards and the pursuit of maximum compensation for each client

Our goal is to provide the appropriate legal help for each person who is the victim of a dog bite. We want to use our expertise to help you.

Experienced Dog Bite Lawyers in Long Beach

When you need the best dog bite lawyers in Long Beach, One Law Group wants to be your go-to legal team. Dogs have strong teeth and jaws. When they bite, they can damage the skin, causing scarring. Deep tissues can be harmed, and internal organs can be torn. The injuries can be life-changing and painful. They may take significant time to heal, and some injuries can be permanent.

You need the best dog bite lawyers in Long Beach if you have serious injuries. The One Law Group team understands the seriousness of dog bites. Contact us at (844) 626-1529 to see how our approach has allowed us to recover millions in compensation for our deserving clients.

Representing Adults and Child Victims of Dog Bites

Unfortunately, dog bite victims are often children. Because of their smaller size, children may suffer severe injuries when attacked. One Law Group represents both adults and children in dog bite claims.

Children who are victims deserve fair compensation. Any long-term medical bills, disfigurement, and damage to lifestyle should be accounted for. Whether you are an adult or child, every dog bite victim deserves fair compensation. Our lawyers can represent you. We carefully prepare your case according to your personal needs.

Local Dog Bite Laws Can Protect You

The laws protect dog bite victims. The victim may claim reasonable compensation for their financial and personal losses. Dog owners are responsible for damages when their animal attacks, even if the dog is lawfully in a public or private place.

Dog bite laws strongly protect victims and their right to compensation. The attack may even occur at the home of the dog owner. Owners are liable for damages, which may be recovered by the victim bringing a claim.

Lawyers Who Are Not Afraid to Go to Trial

Getting a settlement is only justice if it fully and fairly represents your losses. One Law Group is a law firm willing to go to trial for the compensation you deserve. Taking the case to a courtroom is often necessary to receive a fair result. We are willing to do what it takes to make your case successful. When that means rejecting a settlement and going to trial, we are litigators who are ready to go to trial.

Consultations Available – Taking New Cases

If you have been injured by a dog bite in Long Beach, contact the One Law Group Long Beach dog bite lawyers. We are taking new cases, and free consultations are available.

You can receive compensation for your dog bite. Our law firm can handle all the steps necessary. We are an experienced team of injury litigators with a track record of success. Count on us for full-serve legal representation throughout your case.

Call (844) 626-1529 or send us a message today to get started.

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