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Long Beach is the perfect backdrop for getting out on your bike and soaking in everything the beautiful location offers. However, all it takes to dash your good times is one negligent driver in your midst.

If another motorist leaves you injured in a motorcycle accident, you should not wait to seek the legal guidance of an experienced Long Beach motorcycle accident lawyer.

Why Are Motorcycles at Risk of Accidents in Long Beach?

While your motorcycle offers an excellent option for getting where you need to be and enjoying the ride along the way, you are more vulnerable to road risks when you travel by motorcycle.

Consider the following:

  • Because your motorcycle is much lighter and smaller than the vehicles around you, you are far more likely to take the brunt of any accident you are involved in.
  • Your relatively small size makes you more difficult for other drivers to see – especially when they do not bother to look – and makes it far easier for you to get lost in someone else’s blind spot.
  • Because you travel on only two tires, poorly maintained roads or bad weather are more pronounced.
  • Your size means you require less stopping distance, which leaves you vulnerable to rear-end accidents when motorists fail to allow adequate space between themselves and forward traffic.

Due to these issues, motorcycle accidents often leave the rider with serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or serious soft tissue injuries that can result in long-term medical issues. As a result, it is critical for motorcycle accident victims in Long Beach to retain legal representation to protect their rights as soon as possible.

Motorcycle Accidents and Legal Damages

The losses you experience as a result of a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence can be overwhelming. This makes seeking just compensation for every category of covered loss – or legal damages – the surest way to obtain the resources you need to regain your health and well-being. Such losses can include:

  • Property damage to your bike
  • Medical expenses, including future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential and career opportunity
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering

Even relatively minor motorcycle accidents can lead to significant losses, which makes having a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer on your side to your advantage.

Negligence on the Part of the Other Driver

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by negligence on the other driver’s part, which can come in an array of risky forms.

Failure to follow the rules of the road

When motorists do not take the rules of the road seriously enough, they significantly increase the risk that an accident will happen, and motorcyclists are exceptionally vulnerable. Failing to allow a safe distance between one’s car and a motorcycle ahead, for example, can prove deadly. The same is true for failing to yield the right of way appropriately – along with other driving infractions.

Excessive speed

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that speed plays a historic role in traffic accidents. In fact, a full third of all the accidents over the last 20 years involved excess speed, and speed played a pivotal role in 29 percent of all fatal driving accidents in 2020.

When other motorists choose to speed – whether this means exceeding the posted speed limit or driving too fast in relation to the road’s condition – they do not allow themselves adequate time to see and safely respond to motorcyclists in their midst. Further, the risk that any ensuing accidents will prove deadly is significantly increased.

Distracted driving

When we take to the road in our vehicles, we owe our complete attention to the roadway ahead and to the traffic all around us, and distractions have no safe place in this space. While many dangerous distractions divert motorists’ attention away from the task at hand, texting is the most alarming (according to NHTSA).

Texting has the uncanny ability to meld all three categories of distraction into one tiny device, including:

  •  A visual distraction that requires our visual attention
  • A cognitive distraction that requires our thoughts
  • A physical distraction that requires us to use our hands


You recognize the dangers associated with impaired driving, and so does every other driver. Unfortunately, far too many drivers are willing to put their good sense on pause when it comes to drunk driving.

Alcohol can lead to physical, sensory, and cognitive impairments that, when paired with the loss of impulse control and poor judgment involved, make drunk drivers some of the most dangerous motorists on our roadways.


You may not give drowsy drivers much thought, but they can be as dangerous as drunk drivers – and not just because they are vulnerable to falling asleep behind the wheel. Lack of sleep can lead to impairments that rival those experienced by drunk drivers.

How Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help

Motorcycle accident claims are often legally challenging, but One Law Group’s motorcycle accident lawyers can offer all the following forms of help:

  • Determining whether someone else’s negligence caused your accident
  • Communicating with the insurance company, so you do not have to (the insurance company is adept at obtaining statements from claimants that go on to ultimately harm their claims)
  • Gathering the evidence necessary to build your strongest claim (supporting the other driver’s fault in the matter and outlining the losses you have suffered)
  • Negotiating with the insurance company for a settlement that covers your losses in their entirety
  • Filing a lawsuit and taking your case to court, if necessary

Speak to an Experienced Long Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

The accomplished Long Beach motorcycle accident lawyers at One Law Group are available to review the facts of your case and let you know whether you have a claim. We are committed to helping victims like you obtain the compensation you deserve under California law.

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