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Scooters seem to be everywhere these days, as people use them to get around in cities. Every major city has numerous companies that rent scooters to the general public, including Lime and Bird scooters. One study found that there were 84 million shared scooter rides each year, and the industry is growing exponentially.

E-scooters require the operator to balance themselves while potentially traveling at high speed. Some commonly used e-scooters can travel an average of 20 miles per hour. They can even reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour. Users are often traveling on busy city streets. While the operator needs to exercise due care, drivers must also be observant and careful.

When drivers do not do enough to keep scooter riders like you safe, you could be in a serious scooter accident in Santa Clarita. One Law Group will help you make a scooter injury claim that obtains the compensation you deserve.

There Is a High Accident Rate for Scooters

Even when you are wearing a helmet on a rental scooter, you are still at risk of serious injury. The CDC reports that 14.3 out of every 100,000 e-scooter trips result in an injury. Then, nearly half of these injuries are to the accident victim’s head. In recent years, the accident rate has been increasing. In many cases, that scooter injury is someone else’s fault.

Common Scooter Accident Injuries

The physics of e-scooters are such that you may fall forward in a crash, likely hitting your head. The accident can result in a concussion or a permanent brain injury. Here are some other common e-scooter accident injuries:

  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

Potential Lawsuits After a Scooter Accident Injury

There are several potential lawsuits that you may have after you have suffered a scooter injury.

First, the scooter itself may be the problem. It may have malfunctioned, causing you to fall. In that case, you can file a lawsuit against the company that made the scooter, seeking to show that the scooter was defective. The rental company is also obligated to inspect their scooters to ensure they work properly. If the scooter malfunctions, you can also sue the rental company because they failed to uphold their duty to you.

Then, you may have a lawsuit against the driver of a car that struck you. Under local laws, you may have the right of way if you are crossing at an intersection where there is a stop sign or traffic light. You will also have the right-of-way in a crosswalk. The driver who hit you may have been negligent. Their auto insurance policy will need to pay for your damages.

Finally, you can sue the local government if your accident was caused by poor sidewalk or road conditions. The government has a legal obligation to maintain sidewalks and streets in reasonable condition, and they can be made to pay when potholes or cracks in the sidewalks cause accidents.

An experienced scooter accident attorney at One Law Group will investigate and learn what caused your injuries. We will quickly get to the bottom of your accident to learn the facts of your case. The evidence that we collect can prove what happened and prove your case for compensation.

Scooter Insurance Companies May Try to Blame You for the Accident

One of the major factors that you will need to contend with is that the insurance company will try to blame you for the accident. They may claim that you were operating the scooter incorrectly or recklessly.

Scooter injury compensation depends on your unique injuries. Most of the people who rent scooters are in the younger age demographic, meaning they may suffer more damage. A permanent injury for someone in their 20s may be worth more than one sustained by an older individual because the accident victim will have to live with it for longer. Young people are also more likely to be doing physical work that they cannot do when they have suffered injuries in a scooter accident.

What to Do After a Scooter Accident in Santa Clarita

Here is what you should do after being injured in a scooter accident:

  • See a doctor to have your injuries diagnosed and treated.
  • Be very careful about speaking with anyone concerning your accident.
  • Save all documentation and evidence that can be used to prove both liability and your damages.
  • Contact an experienced lawyer at One Law Group and hire legal counsel as soon as possible after the accident; do not delay making this call because time is not on your side.
  • Be patient regarding financial compensation because your legal case can take some time.

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Scooter Accident FAQs

How much is my scooter accident case worth?

It is hard to give that answer until we speak with you and get a better sense of your specific situation.

What are the most common scooter defects that can cause crashes?

  • Handlebar collapses
  • Brake failure
  • Throttle problems
  • Sticky accelerators
  • Flat tires
  • Engine trouble

Is my injury worth less because scooters may be dangerous?

Absolutely not. Like motorcycle accidents, you are legally entitled to financial compensation when someone else was at fault for your injuries, no matter how dangerous a scooter may be. You are not deemed to assume the risk the second you hop on a rental scooter.

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