Slip And Fall Cases: Safety While Shopping

Slip And Fall Cases: Safety While Shopping

Shopping malls and grocery stores are all supposed to be safe places to visit in order to purchase the items needed to move through life. Unfortunately, these places are not always the places, but that is not always because of how they were designed. Instead, the safety of these places is usually jeopardized by the negligence of an employee or another shopper who did not notify a store employee. Unsafe conditions in shopping malls or grocery stores are typically the bases of a shopping injury case.

Here are a few possible causes and outcomes from unsafe conditions in stores or shopping malls:

• A person can slip and fall as a result of wet floors, poorly installed flooring, torn carpets, poor lighting, or malfunctioning escalators, elevators, or mechanical walkways.
• A person can suffer a head or body injury from falling objects that are not properly placed, displays or signs that are not properly installed, or other random occurrences of negligence.
• A person can be injured from a malfunctioning shopping cart that has tipped over and falls on a person while they are near it.
• A person can become injured by falling in overcrowded areas of a store or mall. This is considered being trampled.
• A person can also be injured in the parking lot of a store because of faulty designed parking lots or failure to remove hazardous elements that can cause harm such as ice, snow, sand, or gravel.

A state’s negligence and liability laws allow individuals to file personal injury claims against commercial property holders such as stores or shopping malls. The store owners have a responsibility to ensure that their stores and its premises are safe from dangers and hazardous conditions that are believed to cause harm or injury to its customers.

At One Law Group in Beverly Hills, our attorneys take great pride in helping our clients secure sufficient compensation for the injuries they suffer from the negligence of a store and its employees. The personal injury attorneys at One Law Group have in-depth experience with slip and fall cases and understand what is needed to recover monetary damages for your injuries.

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